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Our Story

Edens Garden was grown out of a desire to offer the highest quality aromatherapy products at great prices!

We often get the question "why are your prices so reasonable"?  We emphatically respond that we have taken out every middle man possible, ensuring quality, freshness and amazing prices!  With this wonderful decision, comes a savings that we feel should be passed on directly to you. 

We have also chosen not to sell on a wholesale level.  In other words, we would rather offer low prices to our loyal customer base, rather than offering a low price to stores and then marking the price up dramatically to our direct customers.  This has proven to be appreciated and we will continue to make our customers our #1 priority.


Some oils are difficult to find and when found can be very costly to purchase.  If you would like us to research a particular oil or have a suggestion for an addition to our offering, please contact us. 

Giving Back

We realize that our time on this earth is very limited.  Time goes by very quickly and we want to look back with gladness on how we spent our time and resources.  This is our heart here at Edens Garden!   

"A generation goes and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises and the sun goes down and hurries to the place where it rises." – Ecclesiastes 1:4

Our today affects our tomorrow and with that in mind, we wanted to let you know that 10% of all profits are given back to a variety of organizations that are doing their part to help build a better tomorrow. Here are a couple of those organizations we partner with:

  • Teen Challenge — To provide youth, adults and families with an effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally-sound, emotionally-balanced, socially-adjusted, physically-well, and spiritually-alive.
  • The American Forests — American Forests is a world leader in planting trees for environmental restoration, a pioneer in the science and practice of urban forestry, and a primary communicator of the benefits of trees and forests. American Forests ( is the nation's oldest nonprofit citizens' conservation organization. Citizens concerned about the waste and abuse of the nation's forests founded American Forests in 1875.